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You Asked, We Answered

Shipping Information 

Please allow up to five business days for our in stock inventory to ship.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for any pre order items to arrive, as our merchandise from each designer company varies.

Our Refunds & Returns 

Please note that we do not accept refunds or returns of any items at this time. This includes errors of size, color or change of mind. Should your order contain any material errors, we will be happy to rectify the issue.

Please note that our listings on our website and social media are the same items.

Our items include the original packaging however there are instances where certain vendors packaging is mishandled by shipping companies. We will never ship any poor equity items, but their boxes may not be in perfect condition.

After Care 

We only recommend baby wipes or a similar type for any cleaning of our items. Cleaning or polishing any bags with alcohol or sanitizer is not recommended and may damage your items.

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